European youth reflecting about the green future of Europe.

CERV ID number: 101053441

Fourth event of Green Up: Messina, Italy
13 febrero 2024

The Green Up project’s fourth international meeting recently took place in Messina, weaving together environmental advocacy with a rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Spanning from the 27th to the 28th of June 2023, this assembly brought together participants to engage in discussions on sustainability and explore the intertwining of cultural and environmental narratives.

Day One: Insightful Discussions and Cultural Exploration The proceedings commenced with participants transitioning from the Town Hall to the «Antonello da Messina» Palace of Culture, under the guidance of the Councilor for Youth Policies, Liliana Cannata. Mayor Federico Basile extended a warm welcome, emphasizing the value of Messina’s engagement in European collaborative networks.

A pivotal moment was the introduction of the project’s new partner, the VisitNedMed association from Malta. Antoine Gambin, through a detailed presentation, shed light on their initiatives in Hali Safi, particularly focusing on revitalizing rural traditions while fostering youth engagement in environmental sustainability. This initiative anticipates deeper discussions at the scheduled meeting in Malta in November 2023.

The session also highlighted Messina’s strides toward environmental responsibility, from water conservation efforts led by AMAM to the significant climate change data presented by Giuseppe Cuffaro of the ARPA. Further, Maria Grazia Interdonato showcased Messina’s progress in waste separation, achieving a remarkable recycling rate.

Educational endeavors in local schools were spotlighted by Domenica Lucchesi, showcasing efforts to elevate environmental consciousness among students. The afternoon was marked by a memorable visit to Capo Peloro, offering participants a hands-on experience of traditional fishing methods and a tour of the historic fishing village of Torre Faro.

Day Two: Embracing the Natural World The next day’s journey to the Peloritani Botanical Garden highlighted the preservation efforts for native botanical species and the broader aim of biodiversity conservation. The visit underscored the crucial role of natural spaces in environmental education and sustainability. The exploration continued with a tour of the Messina Cathedral, enriching the participants’ understanding of the city’s cultural and historical depth.

Strategic Coordination and Looking Forward Amidst these cultural and environmental immersions, the meeting also served as a vital platform for strategic discussions about the Green Up project’s trajectory. The confirmation of forthcoming meetings across Europe reaffirmed the collective commitment to driving forward the project’s goals of environmental advocacy and the EU Green Deal.

As the Messina meeting concluded, it left a lasting impression of the synergetic potential between cultural heritage and environmental sustainability. This event not only enriched the participants’ understanding but also strengthened the collaborative bonds, setting a dynamic course for the project’s future endeavors in Hungary, Malta, Spain, and Bulgaria.