European youth reflecting about the green future of Europe.

CERV ID number: 101053441

Fifth international event in Halászi, Hungary
13 febrero 2024

In a recent gathering under the auspices of the Greenup Europe project, in collaboration with the Municipality of Halászi, we were honored to welcome partners from six countries to the enchanting region of Szigetköz. This event was a vibrant platform for sharing and learning about exemplary practices in environmental education and volunteering. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the Szigetköz Natúrpark Association, the PÉLDA Egyesület a Szigetközi Gyermekekért, and the Pisztráng Kör Egyesület for their invaluable contributions that greatly enhanced the event’s success and fostered a warm and collaborative atmosphere.

A highlight of the meeting focused on engaging the youth, with Gál Körmendy inspiring local students to engage in thoughtful discussions about the current state of their community and environment. This session sparked a collective ambition to drive positive change and enhance their surroundings. The culmination of this event was a meaningful collaborative effort, where children and partners joined forces to clean the banks of the Moson-Danube, showcasing the power of community and shared responsibility in environmental stewardship.

We are immensely thankful for the support from the CERV Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme, which was instrumental in making this gathering possible. The active participation of our partners was crucial to the event’s success, highlighting the strength of collaboration across borders to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. This meeting in Szigetköz stands as a testament to our shared commitment to fostering a greener, more sustainable future through education, volunteering, and community engagement.