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Third international event in Panevėžys, Lithuania
13 febrero 2024

The third international event of the Green Up project recently unfolded in the picturesque city of Panevėžys, marking another significant stride towards promoting sustainability and green entrepreneurship. Spanning from the 9th to the 12th of May 2023, the gathering saw the arrival of participants from various partner delegations, who were set to engage in an array of activities designed to foster educational enrichment, cultural exchange, and strategic project coordination.

The initiative commenced with a welcoming dinner on the 9th, setting a congenial stage for the collaborative endeavors that ensued. On the 10th, participants convened in the hotel’s conference room, joined by over 40 students from four local gymnasiums, setting the scene for a day of insightful discourse and interaction. The Vice-Mayor of Panevėžys, Žibutė Gaivenienė, officially opened the proceedings of the third meeting within the European GREENUP project framework, emphasizing the pivotal role of the new generation in spearheading sustainable change and the importance of collaborative efforts to tackle climate change and achieve environmental objectives.

The event was further enriched by the presence of a special guest from the project’s funding body, Asta Kulbačiauskienė, who lauded the active and reliable partnership of Lithuanian municipalities in Network of Towns projects. Representatives from the newly joined Italian municipality of Messina shared insights into their city’s youth and climate change projects, contributing to the pool of exemplary practices.

A highlight of the meeting was the engaging presentation by the Daugavpils Municipality Youth department, which stepped in for absent project partners, sharing valuable expertise on youth engagement and the influence of personal habits on climate change. Following a brief film showcasing Panevėžys’ green actions and legislation, Kotryna Jackevičiūtė from the Panevėžys Youth Union – Round Table, presented the active involvement of local youth in sustainability efforts.

The event’s agenda was further diversified with an intergenerational workshop led by Dr. Paulina Budrytė, exploring the Anthropocene and encouraging participants to reflect on their daily activities’ GHG footprint. The discussions and role-playing games that ensued provided profound insights into individual and collective actions required to combat climate change.

A visit to the region’s characteristic karst sinkholes and an educational session on old traditions at Biržai Castle offered participants a unique blend of environmental learning and cultural immersion. The project partners also engaged in a critical coordination session, welcoming new consortium members and deliberating on project budget and upcoming events, ensuring the smooth progression of Green Up’s objectives.

As the event drew to a close with participants’ departure on the 12th, the third international meeting of the Green Up project in Panevėžys stood out as a testament to the power of collaborative endeavor in paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.