European youth reflecting about the green future of Europe.

CERV ID number: 101053441

The GREENUP project in Tibi talks about the new challenges facing the environmental challenge
23 mayo 2023

The GREENUP project (European youth reflecting about the green future of Europe) has a budget of 148,000 euros, financed by the European Commission, and these funds will be used mainly to achieve the following objectives: to raise awareness and sensitise young people about the European Green Pact and its role in the ecological transition of the EU and to increase the civic responsibility of young people in issues related to the sustainable development of their cities.

The project is part of the ‘Network of Cities’ line within the CERV programme (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values). It has a total of eight participating organisations from the following countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Malta, Lithuania, North Macedonia and Hungary.

The GREENUP project has a duration of two years where transnational trips, workshops and conferences will take place around the participating countries in order to raise the awareness of local European communities and their young people.

El projecte GREENUP de Tibi parla sobre els nous reptes fornt el desafiament mediambiental